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Information of Character

Name (first, last): Lady Amalthea

Nickname: ???

Age: 513

Birthday (if known): 1500's

Gender: Female

Species: Unicorn

Sexual Orientation: Asexual?

About Him/Her

Represent a Holiday? (If so which one): N/A

Represent a Season? (If so which one): Spring(?)

Personality: Lady Amalthea is pure and kind-hearted, to a degree ignorant and naïve, and also untrusting of people to a certain degree due to her traumatizing past. When she has a goal set, nothing distracts her from said goal. She is not easily swayed.

Good Habits: Lady Amalthea has an unwavering sense of good and bad, right and wrong. She has a natural tendency to protect those who are pure of heart.

Bad Habits: She can be untrusting and stubborn. Due to her species' inability to feel passionate love – she lacks understanding of certain human tendencies and can appear unfeeling at times when it reality she just wants the point reached.

Likes: Calm weather, nature, flowers, other animals…

Dislikes: Anyone being captured/held prisoner, lying/a liar…

Hobbies: Taking walks, looking up at the sky, telling stories…

Powers/Abilities: She can purify water and other substances, detect those who are pure of heart, protect others from being detected while they are in her presence, ability to heal wounds…

Dreams: To not be the only one of her kind/to not be alone…

Life Story: In the 1500's, when unicorns ran free, Amalthea heard from a game hunter in her forest that she was the last unicorn. Turns out, this was because the treacherous "Red Bull" had been holding all of the other unicorns hostage in the sea by order of a selfish king. She sets out on a journey to save the other unicorns, meeting a young magician on the way. While being chased by the Red Bull, in order to save her, the young magician turns her into the form of a beautiful human woman whom he introduced as Lady Amalthea in order to throw off the selfish king. As a human, Amalthea learned human emotions, slowly losing her immortality, but gaining the ability to love. In the end, Amalthea frees the other unicorns from the sea and they all chase the Red Bull into the sea. The young magician turns her back into a unicorn, but Amalthea retained the ability to switch back and forth between her forms. Her vulnerability as a human remains. The years pass and unicorns are hunted for their alicorns and Amalthea is the only one who has evaded capture. Now, she really is the last unicorn.

Family and Friends

Parents (if known): unknown

Best Friends: none

Friends: none

Rivals: the Red Bull

Crush: Prince Lir (a long time ago)

Relatives: none

Pets/Workers (ex: Santa has elves/yetis): none

Looks and Appearance

Body Type/Looks: As a human, Amalthea is short, thin, and frail. She is incredibly pale, although not as pale as Jack – her skin looking more peachy, and has long white hair that drops down past her waist. On her forehead is a star-shaped "injury" where her alicorn would be. Her eyes are dark blue.

Height: 5'0" (human)

Weight: 110 lbs. (human)

Blood Type: unknown

Hair Style: Long, slightly wavy, snow-white

Outfits: Amalthea tries not to stay in her human form for very long, but transforms naked each time. She tends to wear long, pale dresses.

Accessories/Jewelry: She hardly wears accessories at all, and hardly wears shoes for that matter.

Scars/Piercings/Tattoos: none

Appearance (picture or not):…


Favorite Season: Spring

Favorite Time of Day: Middle of the Night

Favorite Holiday: She doesn't know many holidays, but she likes Christmas.

Favorite Color: White
Got the template here: [link]

YES! This IS infact Lady Amalthea from The Last Unicorn, although modified slightly. So she isn't really an OC...but I'm turning her into one. lol
I brought her out of her I wouldn't call it a cross-over. Eh. Modified, I think she'd be a good guardian.
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