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This is a pony mural thing I did for me, my partner, and two of our friends who love MLP. It contains each of our OCS, along with two each of our favorite ponies - one "main" one and one "background" one.

So the purple unicorn with a punk mane is my oc, Ruby Glass - with two of my favorite ponies, Rarity and Button Mash.

The green unicorn with the wizard hat is my partner's oc Magic Zap - with two of his favorite ponies, Shining Armor and Vinyl Scratch.

The cocoa unicorn with aqua hair is an oc of my friend, Mental Patience - with two of her favorite ponies, Sweetie Belle and Babs Seed.

The white pegasus with multi-colored hair is an oc of my other friend, Dr. Erlenmeyer - with two of his favorite ponies, Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich. 

OMA that was a lot. *sigh*         
Tox X Kato Kiss by ToxicStudios
Tox X Kato Kiss
Just a close-up kiss of Kotarus and Toxica. I went for more of an anime 'painted' look with this one and really liked how it turned out. :3 I LOOOOOOOOVE how both their hair turned out in this one - especially Kato's. 

I also intionally left the linework sketchy on this one and focused more on the colors and blending. Again - to add to the painted look. My partner doesn't like the sketchy look but I love it. xD 

I Love You At Your Best - And At Your Worst by ToxicStudios
I Love You At Your Best - And At Your Worst
Otherwise known as "Toxic Divide" in my computer files. Inspired by these two characters' history in mine and my partner's RP. On the left, she was a vampire, just... if it wasn't obvious. lol 

I REALLY enjoyed doing this one. It's probably my favorite drawing I've ever done. Also... Kotarus X Toxica <3 <3 <3       
Murtagh X Ae 2 by ToxicStudios
Murtagh X Ae 2
A more sexy Murtagh X Ae drawing. ;) 

Do I need to mark this as 'mature' content? There's a little side boob action, but otherwise nothing else. I'll change it if someone says I need to. 

Also... oma I had sooo much fun drawing Murtagh's scar. His back is DAYUM sexy. You know... like the rest of him.     
Murtagh X Aesuithiel by ToxicStudios
Murtagh X Aesuithiel
So... inspired by mine and my partner's roleplay that we write. Murtagh from the Inheritance Series is a part of it (since it's a cross-fandom RP) and we pair him with this elf oc Aesuithiel. I believe I've posted another pic of her on here. 

This was my first drawing done of them. 


Toxic (MaKayla)
United States
Current Residence: My Own Personal Wonderland
Favourite genre of music: Anything that isn't Rap or Blues
Favourite photographer: My father
Favourite style of art: All of them!
MP3 player of choice: Ipod all the way
Favourite cartoon character: Does anime count? Kisshu (from Tokyo Mew Mew)
Personal Quote: "I park diagonally in a parrallel universe."
  • Mood: Content
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  • Reading: whatever I type.../Robinson Cruesoe
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Unused journal is unused.
Want to make more deviations. Has my own printer/scanner now! Woot!
College life is awesome. :) + job (?? soon??) + health stuff + living with my boyfriend (all = yay!)
Been keeping a real journal of daily life at college. Might make a book one day???
Now I have to keep a food journal. Yippee...
Want a kitty...
Would love to take Ballroom Dancing classes...
*is random*

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